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Flexibility, transparency and cost savings

02. March 2022

BMR elektrischer und elektronischer Gerätebau GmbH is now presenting MotorView to the trade public for the first time at Grindtec 2022.

This measuring system can very sensitively record the current load status of converter and motor in a drive system and display it graphically and numerically on its separate display.

As usual with BMR, the focus is on easy operation and installation. MotorView is simply “looped” into the motor cable between the inverter and the spindle. This makes it possible to use and retrofit the measuring system in any grinding machine with a converter-motor combination up to 400V voltage and 20A current.

MotorView can be used to graphically display and monitor the grinding process as well as to control the efficiency of the converter-spindle unit. Depending on the version, it provides precise data on the voltage and current of the individual motor phases as well as the current rotational frequencies. This enables the machine operator to detect, for example, whether his system is poorly parameterized, control oscillations are occurring or the spindle is being operated with a voltage that is too high for the currently set speed. This saves operating costs and prevents possible failures due to maintenance or tool damage.

As an interface to machine control the same digital and analog inputs and outputs are available as with the DressView dressing system. This has already been presented by BMR in 2018 at the Grindtec and has since proven itself in practice in many applications. It remains the only system on the market worldwide that enables sensorless grinding and dressing from a single source.  Furthermore, two newly developed frequency converters await visitors at the BMR- booth.

SFU 1000 for small and medium-sized milling and grinding machines as well as for all CAD/CAM systems with high-speed drives. With an increased output current of 12A, it can also drive larger spindles with higher current requirements and this at 55Vac output voltage. With a very compact size, comparable to a cigarette box, the SFU 400 can drive AC and BLDC motors at speeds up to 100,000rpm. It is of particular interest to manufacturers of CAD machines or spindles in the miniature range, and can be accommodated in any housing and application.